Quatre Bras

Quatre Bras
Our 28th Regiment figures and Curassier are based on that famous painting by Lady Butler. Shako covers have been removed and the collector can enjoy rich details never before seen. Embossings have been added to the shako plate and even the cord is richly decorated with Belgian knots. We’ve even added delicate decals on both canteens and knapsacks that make no mistake: these are those stalwart men that repelled so many French cavalry charges that day over 190 years ago at the crossroads of Quatre Bras. Our Waterloo series will be ongoing and add on sets for various regiments, French and Allied are now being sculpted. Let our miniatures herald a new renaissance in collecting. Others may emulate but they can not duplicate the detail and action poses you can now possess with Collectors Showcase fine museum quality miniatures.

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